After the rain

* FIRST Film Festival (in China),
* DocAviv,

* Special Mention - DOC NYC

After the Rain

Category |Children, Human Interest, Social Issues, Youth
Year | 2021
Country | China
Running time | 104'
Format | 2K
Production | FAN Film Studio, Golden Doc Productions, Black Cat Entertainment Co., Ltd., Tencent News
Director | Jian Fan

After an earthquake razed a Chinese city to the ground in 2008, over 6,000 parents are encouraged to replace the children they lost and move on. Due to the One-Child Policy, most of these parents lost the only children they had. AFTER THE RAIN follows the two couples who become close friends through the shared experience of introducing new children into their shaken families. In 2017, parents Mei and Sheng live with their 6 year-old son Chuan, and a framed photo of their deceased little girl. Their friends Ying and Ping are raising their 11 year-old daughter Ran-ran, after Ying and Ping lost their first daughter. The parents’ search for the strength to raise these second children becomes complicated as Chuan and Ran-ran grow older and wiser. Haunted by fear, resentment, and unspeakable grief, the families find hope beyond intergenerational trauma to build towards an uncertain tomorrow.