*Best Documentary - Antalya Film Festival


Category |Conflicts, Current Affairs, Entertainment, Social Issues, Youth
Year | 2021
Country | Belgium, The Netherlands, France
Running time | 80’&52’
Format | 4K
Production | Cassette for timescapes, Halal (NL), Little Big Story, Onomatopee Films (BE), Magellan Films (BE),
Director | Volkan Üce

Two innocent boys, a Turk and a Kurd, start to work in an all-inclusive hotel in Turkey. A new world opens up to them and they will never be the same again. Ismail and Hakan start working in Nashira Resort, a gigantic all-inclusive hotel at the Turkish Riviera. Ismail is 17 and dropped out of school to earn money for his family. Hakan is 25 and the youngest of 12 children. Both have come to the hotel business to move ahead in life and to learn English.
At first the newcomers are very shy and avoid all contact with the hotel guests. They have learned to be respectful to others. And they understand their position. Gradually, they observe the colourful bikini’s, the un-emptied plates, the different ways of addressing other people, the sorts of opportunities.

Ismail and Hakan are changing. Initial kindness turns into indifference. Ismail starts to use the tourists for his own goals and envisions a future in Europe. Hakan struggles to be ‘the nobody’ the hotel business demands him to be. In vain, he tries to discuss Gogol and Dostoïevski with the Russian tourists. Is it at all possible to set your identity aside for the sake of money? Who can be an example to whom? While losing all the values they have been brought up with, Hakan and Ismail find ways to no longer serve, but to be served.

By following Ismail and Hakan during 2 summers in the hotel, ALL-IN explores the coming of age within the European dream. In ALL-IN, the hotel functions as a microcosm for a more universal story about the loss of innocence, when newcomers try to adapt to our capitalistic first world societies with its geopolitical challenges.


- All-In by Volkan Üce. - BUSINESS Doc Europe by Nick Cunningham