Where is my Son?

by Chaimin Ahn
Min Production - Creative Group 917
| 52’ | South Korea | 2013 | HD |
This documentary is a record of one’s last year-and-half life story who lived her 95 years as a woman and a mother. 'Giseon Kwon'(95) lost her husband right after she had her son. And she dedicated her entire life for the only son. Her son 'JunKyo Lee'(70) had a successful career in a big city. After 50 years, he came back to his hometown hoping to make his mom happy during her last years. Now, the mom has left his side. They will guide you to realize how destined and enduring the love is between a mother and a child.

Twilight of a Life

by Sylvain Biegeleisen
Zen Production Ltd, Take Five
| 70’ - 52’ | Belgium / Israel | 2015 | HD |
How a son and a mother aged 94 deals with aging in an optimistic way full of humor, sensitivity and hope. When the doctor announced me that my mother, aged 94 had just a few weeks to live, I left my home and came back to Belgium to say her goodbye. But my mother decided that the time to pass away has not yet come. We shared together weeks and months of uncertainty and mystery. I found myself filming hours of incredible conversations, humoristic situations, poetic moments. "Au Crepuscule d'une Vie" is an Ode to Life !

You Have No Idea How Much I Love You

by Pawel Lozinski
Lozinski Production ltd., TVP SA, Mazovia Film Fund
| 80’ | Poland | 2016 | HD |
What does the word «love» really mean? During our lives, we often create bonds and ties with our close ones, which with time seem to us impossible to untangle. The film tells the story of the tragedy of two women, mother and daughter, bound together by a difficult, complicated feeling. For the protagonists, the crucial event is a meeting with a third person, a stranger who becomes a close one, an experienced therapist. His basic tools are words and empathy.