documentary filmmaker Peter Wintonic

* IDFA Luminous


* Best first or second feature length documentary - Rendez-vous Quebec cinema
* DOXA Documentary Film Festival
- The Colin Low Award for Canadian Documentary
" was given to Mira Burt-Wintonick's WINTOPIA, “for its poetic, deeply personal, self-reflexive approach to her exploration of the complexities of her relationship with her late father, his search for utopia, and his legacy as a documentary filmmaker." Jurors Ying Wang, Tony Westman and Nova Ami describe the film: "The answers to existential questions proposed by the film are revealed only by his daughter Mira’s courageous exploration of her father’s legacy as she confronts her own memories and relationship with her father and proves her own skills as storyteller and filmmaker."


Category | Personal Story
Year | 2019
Country | Canada
Running time | 88’
Format |
Production | EyeSteelFilm Distribution, National Film Board of Canada
Director | Mira Burt-Wintonick

A box of tapes uncovered. A father’s obsession with Utopia. A daughter’s struggle to reconnect with her dad by completing his unfinished film. Wintopia traces the enigmatic footsteps of renowned documentary filmmaker Peter Wintonick through the lens of his daughter, as she attempts to decipher the map he has left behind. Reverberating with emotion and whimsy, the film guides us on a journey through possible worlds in pursuit of reconciliation, both between artist and family and between dreams and reality.

IDFA and Canadian filmmaker Peter Wintonick had a close relationship for decades. He was a hard worker and often far from home, visiting festivals around the world. In 2013, he died after a short illness. His daughter Mira was left behind with a whole lot of questions, and a box full of videotapes that Wintonick shot for his Utopia project. She resolved to investigate what sort of film he envisaged, and to complete it for him.

The result is a fascinating collage of footage from the Utopia collection, home movies from the family archive, scenes from earlier films, and telephone conversations with colleagues and family members. In voice-over, Mira takes us along on her journey. She molds all these elements into a story about the grieving process, a daughter’s attempt to understand the father she lost too soon, and a tribute to a restless and original spirit on a quest to find an ideal world. _IDFA

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