* Jerusalem Film Festival Competition 2021


Category |Current Affairs, Human Rights, Politics
Year | 2021
Country | Israel
Running time | 70’&54'
Format | 4K
Production | Nurit Kedar
Director | Nurit Kedar

In 1982, Israel invaded Lebanon. What was thought to be a simple operation to dislodge Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) forces from the southern border region, turned into a massive war with an ensuing military occupation that lasted almost two decades. In other words, things got complicated. The invasion and its aftermath were a quagmire with tragic consequences that have reverberated ever since.

One of the first complications occurred in the coastal town of Sidon on the 4th day when a company of Israeli soldiers were given the task of guarding more than 1,000 detainees in a schoolyard. Among the detainees were a handful of militants, many civilians, and a few doctors from the adjacent Red Crescent Hospital.

What was thought to be a simple task also got complicated, and horrific, and deadly. The soldiers who took part in that tragic event, the doctors who witnessed their war crimes, and the detainees who endured their torture — have never been exposed. Until now.