Manufacturing Romance

Category |Human Interest, Social Issues, Women
Year | 2015
Country | China
Running time | 93’ - 52’
Format | HD
Production | Cloud Thinker
Director | Chai Hongfang, Fan Jian

Manufacturing Romance tells the love and marriage stories of the new generation of Chinese migrant workers. Luo Ling and Zhao Jupeng met and fell in love with each other at the age of 24 when they were both working for a manufacturing factory in Zhujiang Delta, the most concentrated areas of migrant workers in China. The two young people wanted to get married, but it was fraught with difficulties. Because of the long distance between their hometowns, their marriage was against by both of their parents.

Luo came from rural areas in Hunan province, whereas Zhao came from Shaanxi province. Their parents were getting old and hoped that the young could still live with and take care of them after they get married. Therefore, both of the parents insisted that the young should find their mates from their own hometowns. To persuade their parents agree with their marriage, Luo and Zhao , for the first time, went back to their hometowns together during the Chinese New Year holiday in 2013. Will they be successful?

Lu, who came from the countryside of Henan province, had been working in Shenzhen for ten years. She was working for the same factory with Luo and Zhao, but as an excellent technical worker not an assembly worker. She had set her heart on becoming a veritable city people and didn’t want to spend the rest of her life in the countryside; she also wanted to improve her parents’ lives in the rural area. Therefore, she had been making every endeavor to settle in the city. Although she’s already 30 years old, she remained unmarried. She got a boyfriend who was more than 20 years older than her. They bought a car and rented a relatively large apartment in Shenzhen. Lu hoped that this ageing urban boyfriend could bring happiness to her and took care of her parents with her together. However, as time passed by, profound disagreement occurred between them and their marriage remained distant.

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