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Expedition Yemen - 126 degrees in the Shade

Category |Current Affairs, Ethnography, Expedition
Year | 2014
Country | Sweden
Running time | 58’
Format | HD
Production | Explorer Mikael Strandberg, Film I Skåne
Director | Mikael Strandberg

"You´ll die. Or get kidnapped by Al Qaeda. What you want to do is impossible!"

That is what all experts, analysts and the Yemenis themselves told me. But I have done the impossible. I have made my way into what many say is one of the most difficult countries in the world to enter, and one of the most dangerous. Together with the Swedish journalist, Tanya Holm, Kensington the Camel and a few of the oldest inhabitants of Arabia, the Bedus, I have traveled through one of the hottest deserts on earth. We didn´t meet any terrorists, religious extremists and nobody got killed. I didn´t even feel any serious fear.

What we found during this adventurous walk, in our search of the real Arabia, was a Middle Eastern country very different from the one portrayed in the global media.

FILM WEBSITE : www.expeditionyemen126degreesintheshade.com

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