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* One World Film Festival 2010
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* Czech Radio Award - One World Film Festival

All that Glitters

Category |Current Affairs, Economy, Politics, Social Issues
Year | 2010
Country | Czech Republic | Kyrgyzstan
Running time | 90' - 57'
Format | HDV 16:9
Production | Armada Films
Director | Tomas Kudrna

The Kyrgyz Republic, one of the post-soviet republics in Central Asia, is a very recent democracy. The Canadian company, Cameco, his operating the Kumtor mine in this region. All That Glitters shows the unique imprint the Communist past has had on the local workers and their way to adjust to the capitalistic system. It also explores the effort of the Canadian company to adjust to the communist mentality of Kyrgyz people.

Situated at the crossroads of global interests, Kyrgyzstan reflects the political rivalry between Russian and American influence, reveals the religious rivalry between Christianity and Islam, and lies between the economic predominance of China and Russia. All That Glitters examines how strange capitalism and democracy can be when introduced to a former Soviet country, where people who were never given autonomy are suddenly expected to make their own financial and political decisions.

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