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* Special Jury Mention for Vivid Metaphorical Portrayal of Palestine-Israel Conflict Tragedy - Flahertiana

Dr Sami Qalqilia at IDFA 2016 Dr. Sami Qalqilia at IDFA 2016


Category | Animals, Conflicts ,Environment, Human interest, Society,
Year | 2016
Country | Netherlands - Belgium
Running time | 84’ - 55’
Format | HD
Production | Volya Films - Cassette for timescapes
Director | Marco de Stefanis

Who is more restrained in Qalqilya, its citizens or the zoo animals? The village is for the most part surrounded by Israel’s wall. A lot of the zoo animals were killed during the intifadas, and most recently a giraffe couple.

The circumstances are poor and dr. Sami, the zoo’s vet, would like to bring back life into the zoo by getting new giraffes. But, the country’s political circumstances and the incredible task of meeting European Zoo standards, put resourceful dr. Sami to the test.

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