Category |Social Issues, Youth
Year | 2010
Country | Israel
Running time | 50'
Format |
Production | One Man Show, One Man Show
Director | Daniel Sivan

In the shadow of the war in Gaza, Four best friends are just finishing their army basic training… In a few months they will no longer be 18 year old boys, but soldiers. Soldiers in the army; in Artillery; in elite units – serving on the Lebanon border, in the Occupied Territories, in Checkpoints, on the streets of Hebron and Gaza. “Poisoned” is a character driven film, following four boys from their high school graduation and deep into the army service; Gal is a romantic, Amir is into music, Ori doesn’t want to serve and Oriyan is a high-school dropout. At the age of 18 they will all become the property of the Israeli Army. The film opens with the boy's graduation, then to Amsterdam – were they will spend their last summer as civilians. A month later they’re all drafted; Amir is going to serve in the artillery together with Ori, who didn’t succeed to fool the army into not drafting him. Oriyan is going to the Nahal unit and Gal to an elite combat unit. Three month later, the basic training is up, and the boys have learned how to fire a rifle, work as a team and swear to defend Israel from her enemies – whoever they may be. They are all still best friends but the army is starting to change them – some are becoming more patriotic, some more cynical… Oriyan is all driven up, can’t wait to “Kick some Ass”; Gal is on the border of Gaza. He is fed up, getting no sleep because of all the rockets falling a few feet away from him; Ori, has been transformed into an enthusiastic officer; and Amir can’t really make up his mind. He is confused and afraid and just wants to go home… In a few month they will all be posted to their final destinations. They will man checkpoints, fire artillery and patrol civilian areas – nothing will be the same. “Poisoned” is not a film about boot camps, checkpoints nor the situation in Gaza. It is a film about kids being sent to war. It’s about what we send them to do. And about what we make them become. Because in Israel there are no 19 year old boys, just soldiers.

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