*DOK Leipzig (Germany)
* Millenium International Documentary Film Festival (Bruxelles, Belgium)
* Docudays UA (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
* Astra Film Festival (Sibiu, Romania)
* Docs Against Gravity Film Festival (Poland)
* Budapest International Documentary Festival (Hungary)
* Ciclo de cine coreano (Madrid, Spain)
* Festi’vache (France)
* Dokorea - Koreans between Real and Surreal   (Berlin, Germany)

With or Without You

Category |Human Interest, Senior, Women
Year | 2014
Country | South Korea
Running time | 92’
Format | HD
Production | Hiharbor Production, filmquadrat.dok
Director | Hyuckjee Park

Maggi and Chunhee lived for 45 years under one roof as wives of one man. Now they are old and approaching the end of their extraordinary intertwined lives. Recently, Maggi started to teach Chunhee how to take care of herself, even though Maggi has looked after Chunhee just like a baby totally dependent on her for 44 years. But, now, Maggi changed. Maggi, 88 years old woman, is in big worries. She gets older and weaker day by day. "What’s gonna happen to Chunhee if I die?" The film follows the two women during their daily life in the Korean countryside. It intensively captures their intimate and very special relationship, one in which they share night and day side by side. It is not always an easy life, but it is always marked by deep respect and love and the extraordinary humor of both of them The director Hyuckjee Park has been working on this feature documentary since 2011, visiting the two women regularly and documenting the increasing challenges in their shared life as they become ever older.

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