* Docaviv - Israeli Competition

* Best Film - 2016 Guild Awards, Tel-Aviv - Free Docs Category
* Best Cinematography - 2016 Guild Awards, Tel-Aviv - Free Docs Category
* Best Artistic Design - 2016 Guild Awards, Tel-Aviv - Free Docs Category


Category | Health, Personal story, Women
Year | 2016
Country | Israel
Running time | 60'
Format | HD
Director | Ohad Milstein

For the first time, director Ohad Milstein points his camera at his own home. His partner Rahel, the daughter of a Swiss bishop, is pregnant with identical twins. In her 23rd week, she learns that one of the fetuses died in utero. Doctors say that in those rare cases when the other fetus doesn’t die right away, it is almost certain to be born with severe brain damage and other disabilities. They are therefore unanimous in their recommendation that the couple terminate the pregnancy.

This presents the couple with a critical dilemma. Should they really end the pregnancy by aborting the surviving fetus? Clinging only to faith and her maternal instincts, Rahel confronts everyone around her over the right of her surviving fetus to live, regardless of how perfect or imperfect it is.

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