Look what you made me do

Category |Abuse, Arts & Culture, Human Rights, Justice, Social Issues, Women
Year | 2022
Country | The Netherlands
Running time | 81 ’& 55’
Format |
Production | Witfilm
Director | Coco Schrijber

Look What You Made Me Do features cheesy love songs about broken hearts. In real life, though, it’s bones that are broken. Laura, Rachel and Rosalba have taken the blows. Until they said: enough! Laura grabbed a knife, Rachel a gun, and Italian Rosalba mixed poison into meatballs. Basta! says Rosalba. Choose for yourself, says Laura.

Indeed, these women chose for themselves, as did Artemisia Gentileschi, the famous Italian painter who slits her rapist’s throat in the chilling painting that epitomises this film: embrace the murderer within, and you’ll be free.




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