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This is my picture when I was dead

Category |Politics
Year | 2010
Country | The Netherlands
Running time | 81’ - 52’
Format | HDcan 16:9
Production | KeyDocs, iSee Film
Director | Mahmoud al Massad

Athens, 1983. The world press reports 4-year old Palestinian Bashir is killed in the assassination of his father, Mamoun Meraish, a top PLO lieutenant. But what if death was not the end of his journey? What if he was brought back to life, and has to dig through his past and discover his future? In finding out what his life would be like, it turns out that like his father he would be political. But instead of expressing himself with weapons, he uses what he loved doing as a child: drawing. He would become the finest political cartoonist in Jordan. But while his drawings mirror the escalating misery and poverty of his people, getting the cartoons published is proving increasingly harder.

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