*Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival (Greece)
* Full Frame Documentary Film Festival (Durham, USA)
* Sardinia International Ethnographic Film Festival (SIEFF) (Italy)

* EIDF 2013 Audience Award

Where is my Son?

Category |Human Interest, Motherhood
Year | 2013
Country | South Korea
Running time | 52’
Format | HD
Production | Min Production - Creative Group 917
Director | Chaimin Ahn

Family values and their bond have considerably weakened in modern society. However, there is one thing which has never changed; a mother’s unconditional love. When was the last time you had dinner with your mother at a table, facing her? She wants that. Mothers want that. Even in your most careless of times, you believe mom would understand your situation. You intuitively comprehend your mother will always devotedly love you. However, there is something that you rarely think about; mom won’t be around forever. In this documentary, the mother Giseon Kwon (95) and her son Junkyo Lee (70) are not different from the norm.

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