Calendargirls Calendar Girls

Calendar Girls

Category |Arts & Culture, Entertainment, Human Interest, Women
Year | 2021
Country | Sweden
Running time | 83’&58’
Format | 4K
Production | Pink Dolphin AB
Director | Maria Loohufvud, Love Martinsen

Calendar Girls is a coming-of-age film about the second teenage phase – the retirement age. It’s a time to rebel and break free. A time to re-define yourself, to find the person you once were or the person you always wanted to be. Before it’s too late. Because, unlike the teenage years, the shadow of illness haunts this part of life and loneliness, and even depression, are common emotions after retirement. But with the Calendar Girls the women find a way to see and be seen – a way to feel needed.

The film addresses universal issues many people over 60 deals with. Who am I if I’m not needed by anyone anymore? How many more good years do I have? Viewing the small world of the Calendar Girls, we’ll make sense of the greater one. The film is entertaining and funny but with a tender and honest foundation. It is cinematic and captures humour as well as tears and intimate moments. Choreographed dance scenes highlights and deepens the women’s feelings and experiences. The film will inspire people to find their own local girl gang. The film will inspire people to grab the dream that disappeared when life happened. The film will shake up the outdated image of “the old lady” and broaden the spectrum of what an older woman is and can be.