*CPH:Dox (Nordic:Dox) 2022, München

The Happy Worker or How Work was sabotaged

Category |Education, Health, Human Interest, Politics, Social Issues
Year | 2022
Country | Finland, Norway
Running time | 82'&60'
Format |
Production | Yellow Film & TV, Aldeles Film Production
Director | John Webster

Stressed? Burnt out? You’re not alone! With black humour and biting irony, we get the incredible story of how modern working life became its own worst enemy – and what we can do to change it.

Burnout, endless meetings and colourful Post-It notes with empty marketing phrases have hijacked meaningful work. How did we get there? Based on a sabotage manual developed during World War II, John Webster’s wildly entertaining and deeply upsetting film demonstrates how modern work has become a monster that devours itself – and everyone else around it.

Without losing sight of the system’s human toll, the film speaks directly to a current agenda about how and how much we should actually work. And fortunately for all of us, there actually is a solution.

At the heart of the film, we sit in with a group of successful business people as they come together to share their stories of burning out – and how they got on in life. Most people will no doubt be able to relate to much of "The Happy Worker", and have a good, much-needed laugh about how it got this far.



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