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The Man who made Angels Fly

Category |Arts&Culture
Year | 2013
Country | France
Running time | 65’ & 52’
Format | HD
Production | Luna W., Les Films du Balibari
Director | Viktoria Szymanska

When the lights dim and the stage is revealed, Michael Meschke, channels life through the strings of his puppets, triggering the spiritual connection between the creator and his alter- egos. Between the life and death that Meschke bestows upon his characters - we experience the intimacy of emotions conveyed through the art of his movements.

Each puppet serves only one part and theme - a particular experience - mirroring people’s attitudes toward life and expressing Meschkes point of view from within different social contexts.

In the twilight of his career we follow Michael closely in his personal journey through old creations, and concerns and hopes about the destiny of his puppets.

THE MAN WHO MADE ANGELS FLY is a poetic and powerful story about how artistry and voice reach beyond boarders, inspiring and compelling us to contemplate the issues that connect and fracture us as human beings.

For more info Michael Meschke wishes to share his Website : www.michaelmeschke.com

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