Children of the mist

* IDFA'21 International Competition
* DocPoint, Finland
* True False, USA
* Tempo Doc Fest, Sweden
* Ljubljana Doc film festival
* Thessaloniki Doc Fest, Greece
* Cinéma du réel, Paris
* Thin Line Film, Texas
* One World International FF, Czech Republic
* ATC Human Right Film Festival, USA
* Hong-Kong IFF, Hong Kong
* ZagrebDox - International Documentary Film, Croatia
* Visions du Réel, Switzerland
* 2022 Seattle International Film Festival, USA
* 65th San Francisco International Film Festival.
* New Directors / New Films, USA
* African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival, Italy
* DOXA Documentary Film Festival, Canada
* Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, USA
* MILLENIUM Festival, Belgium
* Taiwan‌ ‌International‌ ‌Documentary‌ ‌Festival‌ ‌(TIDF)
* DOK.fest München, Germany
* Lichter Filmfest Frankfurt International
* Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival, Poland
* International Documentary Festival in the Cevennes, France
* Internationales Film Festival Innsbruck, Austria
* Docaviv – Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival
* 69th Sydney Film Festival, Australia


* UNICEF Prize at Japan Prize 2022
   Prize for an excellent work that promotes understanding
   of the lives of the children in difficult situations.

* Best film in Southeast Asian Documentary Competition
   - Balimakarya Film Festival

* Winner of the 2nd Asia Pacific Young Audience Award, Australia

* Jury Prize at the Documentary Competition
   - Hong Kong International Film Festival

* Best International Feature Documentary
   - Guanajuato International Film Festival

* Little Stamp for the best film by a young author under 35
   - ZagredDox

* Clarens Prize for Humanist Documentary Filmmaking
Endowed by the Clarens Foundation for Humanism (€5,000) and awarded to a feature film from any of the festival’s categories (competitive or not), the Clarens Prize for Humanist Documentary Filmmaking seeks to champion the cardinal values of mankind in various fields of social and historical experience.
For its elegance, for what it says about the immense difficulty of liberating oneself from the alienation imposed by one’s own community, for the filmmaker’s stealthy yet persevering commitment, we are happy to give the award to this film. Children of the Mist by Diem Ha Le

* Award for Best Directing
   - IDFA - Best First Feature Special Mention

* Senior Jury Award and Brave Children Award
   - International Documentary Festival

* Amnesty International award
   - Ljubljana Doc film festival

* Special Recognition Award category: Cinéma Vérité
   - Thin Line Film

* Special Jury Award in International Competition
   One World International Film Festival

* Main prize – Small Stamp for Best Film by a Young Filmmaker
   - ZagrebDox

* Perception Change Project Award
   - Visions du Réel

* Jury's Special Mention

* Feature Documentary Award
   - DOXA Documentary Film Festival

* Sustainable Development Price of the International competition
  - MILLENIUM Festival

* Next Generation Award
  - Taiwan‌ ‌International‌ ‌Documentary‌ ‌Festival‌

* SOS Children's Villages Worldwide award
  - DOK.fest München

* Winner Documentary Competition
  - Internationales Film Festival Innsbruck

Children of the Mist

Category |Ethnography, Human Interest, Sexuality, Social Issues, Women, Youth
Year | 2021
Country | Vietnam
Running time | 90’
Format | HD
Production | Varan Vietnam Co., Ltd
Director | Diem Ha Le

Children of the Mist follows the story of Di, a 13-year-old Hmong girl with a dream to escape the destiny of many teenage girls of her ethnic group. Di is fortunate that she belongs to the first generation of children in the village with the opportunity to continue studying into high school. Most of the village women, including Di’s mother, didn’t have this chance. Di’s mother is 34 years old, already a grandmother, completely illiterate, and speaks very little Vietnamese. Di has a chance to avoid this fate by passing the high school entrance exam to continue her education. But if she fails, she may be trapped in the village her entire life...“like a frog in a well.”

At school, the teachers encourage students to study as long as possible.But most of the parents prefer their children working in the fields rather than attending lessons. When Di enters puberty, her personality changes drastically within a year: the carefree little girl has turned into an impetuous, hypersensitive teenager. She spends hours chatting on Facebook with boys. She often has arguments with her mother, who forbids her to have reckless relationships. Her mother worries that Di could be harmed or mistreated and won’t have enough maturity to handle the situation.

On the Lunar New Year’s Eve, while Di is preparing to go to a street fair, her mother tells her to stay home as this is the most dangerous day of the year for a girl. She should not go if she doesn’t wish to be bride-kidnapped. When Di’s parents come back home at night, the house is silent and empty: Di has disappeared. Her mother breaks into tears realizing that her daughter has been bride-kidnapped. This moment may signify the end of Di’s childhood and the beginning of her life as a woman.

Shattering view of forced marriage in rural Vietnam - ★★★★☆
- Phuong Le, The Guardian

"A young Hmong girl in Northern Vietnam struggles against a pre-ordained path in Diam Ha Lei’s compelling first feature."

"Interview with director Diem Ha Le" who took home two awards at IDFA 2021 for her stunning Children of the Mist, including the Best Directing Award.
- by Lisa Abeling (Film Fest Report)

IDFA Best Director Winner Ha Le Diem Witnesses Bride Kidnapping in ‘Children of the Mist’
- by Marta Balaga - Variety