* Vilnius International Film Festival
* Docs in progress at Nyon 2013

Timoteo's Fabulous Ragged Circus

Category |Arts&Culture, Ethnography, Human Interest, Sexuality
Year | 2013
Country | Chile / Argentina
Running time | 52’&76’
Format | HD
Production | Errante Producciones Limitada, Trivial Media (Argentina)
Director | Lorena Giachino

A Circus of homosexuals has been touring around Chile for 40 years, setting up in cities and towns with its drag queen show. It’s creator is the legendary comedian Timoteo. The circus is a refuge for a whole community, in which they also carry on their day-to-day lives feeling the acceptance of the nomadic clan led by Timoteo. The documentary portrays the life of the comedian at a crucial time: his health has produced uncertainty about the future of the particular world he has created for himself and the members of his circus.