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Still Loved

Category |Children, Health, Human Interest, Motherhood, Personal Story, Social Issues, Women
Year | 2015
Country | UK
Running time | 77’ - 52'
Format | HD
Production | Big Buddha Films, Studio of the North
Director | Debbie Howard

Still Loved is an uplifting and thought provoking film, which takes us beyond the grief, showing how love, generosity and humour can prevail. Over three years we follow seven families and explore the complexity and reality of surviving baby loss.

Eve is a glamorous young woman who endured the loss of her baby alone, when her partner left during her pregnancy. Due to cultural beliefs, Eve was blamed by the father’s family for baby Jordan’s death. She has struggled to come to terms with what happened and the isolation she faces.

Beth and Steve lost twin girls. Trying to rebuild their lives by fundraising to help others suffering from loss, they discover it will be difficult for Beth to conceive again. Will they ever become parents to a living child?

After Lou’s daughter is stillborn she channels her grief into a baby loss support group. Her husband feels alienated and is angry that she isn’t focusing her energy on their first child Finn. They struggle to keep their family together.

Matthew and Juliette embark on their next pregnancy after losing their son Ben. The pregnancy is fraught with fear as they wonder daily if the growing baby will survive.

Still Loved gives an unexpected voice to bereaved fathers, who speak candidly for the first time offering an unheard perspective on this marginalized taboo of paternal loss, as well as mothers, grandparents and siblings This is a brave, inclusive and ultimately life affirming film celebrating the resilience of the human spirit.

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