* Moldox (Cahul, Moldova)
*One World International Film Festival (Czech Republic)
* Cinéma Vérité - Iran International Documentary Film Festival (Tehran, Iran)
* Art Cantara asbl (Belgium)

Braving the Waves

Category |Economy, Justice, Social Issues, Women
Year | 2016
Country | Iran, Norway, Lebanon
Running time | 90’ - 52’
Format | HD
Production | Mindoc Film Production, Gammaglimt AS
Director | Mina Keshavarz

This is the story of Roghieh, a 38 years old woman, with 5 children. She was born in one of the remote villages of Minab, a small city in south of Iran. Roghieh married when she was 14 years old to her ex-husband, a drug-addict who abused her constantly. One day she decided to change her life and start working on handcrafts. Because of her own bitter experience in an environment with the highest rate of violence against women in Iran, she founded “Southern Women NGO” the first one in region to support other women in their struggle for economic independence.

Seven years ago Roghieh asked some property from the municipality to run a place for women street vendors. This place is known as the Thursday Bazaar. Since Bazaar’s property value has increased, the mayor wants to tear it down. He filed a court complain against Roghieh arguing that she has occupied municipal land illegally. In her struggle to preserve the Bazaar and hope for support, Roghieh travels to Tehran to meet with the vice president of Women Affairs. On the other side, the mayor has a powerful deal with the officers in the justice department in the city. Roghieh is preparing for the court battle.

As a workingwoman, wife and mother, Roghieh is facing even more responsibilities and conflicts at home. Her new husband, Aghil is a farmer who supports and follows her to lots of places but sometimes he gives up. Her children think that she is not like other mothers. How does Roghieh find a balance between being a wife, a housewife and a businesswoman? Will she be successful in a male-dominated society? Will she win the court?

Interviews with Director Mina Keshavarz:

- Filmmaker Mina Keshavarz Explores Economic Status of Rural Women in Iran
   by Elahe Amani, Womennewsnetwork.net

- Braving the Waves for Women in Iran
   by Helena Svele, Sister-Hood

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