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Kapitalism - Our Secret Recipe

Category |Ecomomy, Politics, Social Issues
Year | 2009
Country | Romania | France | Belgium
Running time | 55' - 80'
Format | HDCAM 16:9
Production | HiFilm Productions, Neon Rouge / Seppia
Director | Alexandru Solomon

Imagine Ceausescu would come back 20 years after he was overthrown and executed. That he would start comparing the state in which he left Romania for us, with the current state of affairs. Imagine the former Communist dictator would understand it is some of his dearest and nearest who built Capitalism and that – generally – Romanians think only about money, cars and consumption. The proposal might seem absurd or funny – and it is. Because how else is post-communist reality? I prefer to see it as a comedy. Anyway, there’s nothing more we can change about it. At least we should know something about our capitalists. And I think Europe should know something about them. Romanian billionaires are now expanding their businesses abroad. After Eastern European countries joined the EU, our secret recipe might be adopted throughout the continent.

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