Gentle Warriors


Riga Baltic Forum’16/Trieste 2017

Gentle Warriors

Category |Women, Youth
Year | 2020
Country | Lithuania
Running time | 52’ & 70’
Format | 4K
Production | Moonmakers
Director | Marija Stonyté

In order to become women, five young girls are choosing the life of a warrior. In the beginning they have a romantic idea what it means to be a soldier, however everything changes when they enter the army and their expectations meet the reality.

The transformation and growth of each young woman is the core of our film. A sweet girl, named Agne, learns that in order to survive in an outside world, she has to develop a thick skin. Karina, who comes from an abusive family, hopes to start a new life in the military but eventually realizes that army is not for her and comes back home. Gintare, who was looking for a husband realizes she doesn’t need one at the moment. What she really wants is to be a soldier.

We will see the protagonists prior to their the military service too, and will use the juxtapositions of then and now to reveal the characters in more detail; we will show them in both civil and military fighter roles, which will unravel complex and layered portraits of young women.



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