* Jean Rouch Film Festival
* EBS International Documentary Festival (EIDF)
* Full Frame Documentary Film Festival 2013
* Hotdocs Canadian Spectrum
* Belfast

* EIDF 2013 Special Jury Award


Category |Ethnography, Social Issues, Sport
Year | 2012
Country | Canada
Running time | 81’ - 52'
Format | HD
Production | Buzkashi Productions Inc, EyeSteelFilms
Director | Najeeb Mirza

In Tajikistan’s majestic Pamir mountains, horse riders battle in a centuries-old sport that pits individual riders against one another. Azam, a successful shepherd and Buzkashi champion, is experiencing drastic change. At home, his son prefers to study medicine than take over his father’s flock.

On the field, Azam plays for honour and integrity but his main rival, Khurshed, threatens to change the game forever by using his seemingly infinite wealth to employ teammates in organized mafia-style alliances.

Sports documentaries have a powerful capacity to combine emotional, physical and cultural elements into unforgettable cinematic moments, and director Najeeb Mirza brings us into a world of underdogs and villains from a nation on the cusp of dramatic transformation. From the chaotic, brutal action of the game to the serenity of the quiet hillsides, we follow a man shaped by tradition, now forced to face the modern world that surrounds him.

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