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* Best International Documentary - DocPoint
* Cinephile Award - Busan International Film Festival
* Amplify Voices Award - TIFF
* Winner of DocPoint’s International Competition

While We Watched

Category |
Year | 2022
Country | India, UK, Qatar
Running time | 92’ & 52’
Format |
Production | BRITDOC Films
Director |

Since a political shift in 2014, the frayed threads of India’s social fabric began to unravel at an alarming pace. Mainstream media took on the mantle of being the new establishment’s mouthpiece. During this extraordinary period, Ravish Kumar presents a desperately lonely struggle. With unprecedented access, this film is a rare portrayal of a journalist working through globally resonant battles in the fields of press freedoms, governmental overreach, and the cost of speaking truth to power. Against all odds, Ravish fights to keep the idea of democratic India alive.

Indian journalist Ravish Kumar, who has hosted prime time TV news for a long time, feels that there has never been a more serious crisis than the one India faces right now. Standing in opposition to Prime Minister Modi, he has guarded against growing nationalism and protected the independence and freedom of the press. While fighting against fake news of the conservatives, he faces the threat of censorship, financial pressures, employee departures, death threats, and even interruptions in broadcasting.

Vinay Shukla, whose 2016 political thriller An Insignificant Man made a huge impact in Indian society, made a thrilling film about a newsroom with a similar tone. The director, who went to the newsroom every day for two years and filmed for eight hours a day, vividly relays the heroic action of a journalist in a dramatic and fast-paced development like a feature film like Spotlight (2015). This is a fierce film that is becoming of Ravish Kumar’s passion and courage. (KANG Sowon)


"Vinay Shukla Offers An Urgent Look At The State of Journalism"
- DEADLINE by Zac Ntim


WhileWeWatched WhileWeWatched WhileWeWatched