Melting Dreams

Melting Dreams

Category |Human Interest, Migration, Social Issues, Sport, Women, Youth
Year | 2021
Country | Slovenia, Finland, Austria
Running time | 84’&50’
Format | 2K
Production | Studio Virc, Flair Film, Kinocompany
Director | Haidy Kancler

In Bamyan, Afghanistan, ZAKIA (25), FATIMA (21) and FARIBA (16) have a dream of one day becoming professional skiers and maybe even represent Afghanistan at the Olympic Games. When their European ski trainer ANA (30) announces they will go to Europe for extensive ski practice and get ski instructor license, they seem a step closer to their dreams.

When the girls arrive to Europe, ski instructor INES (30) awaits for them. Together they go get equipment, take a test of physical condition and go to a ski boarding school in Austria. The girls are not used to European sport discipline. They ski slower and clumsier than the other skiers do on the slopes. They have a hard time fitting in and their excitement begins to fade.

One morning, Fariba and Fatima disappears. The police caught them at the German border and brings them back. Fariba gets a second chance, but Fatima has to return home. Fariba and Zakia continue with the ski training, but the relationship among them and Ines is getting worse and Zakia has also run away. The ski training is cancelled, Fariba packs her stuff and goes back home to Afghanistan.

The girls dreams are universal and easy to identify with, while their culture is much more complex and sometimes hard to understand from other perspectives. There is an obvious cultural gap and misexpectation on both sides. The film does not judge or takes a side, but it is an observational insight of an emotional journey of melting dreams.


Melting Dreams Melting Dreams