Overseas poster

* Documentary Competition @ BFI London Film Festival
* Official Selection - Locarno Film Festival
* Camden
* Message to Man
* Busan
* Locarno
* Hamptons
* Warsaw Film Festival
* Minsk International Film Festival
* This Human World
* DocPoint
* Premiers Plans
* MoMA Doc Fortnight
* Femspectives
* Colorado Dragon Film Festival

* Special Mention - Tempo DocFest
* Audience Award - Punto de Vista
* Best Director Award - Premiers Plans - Angers Film Festival
* Jury selection for Best Documentary Feature - Hamptons International Film Festival

* Best Documentary Award- Warsaw Film Festival
Warsaw Jury Statement
"This film is an excellent example of what “art of documentary” means - it’s humane, it’s precise and it’s making us reflect on our existence."

* Amnesty International Catalunya Award DocsBarcelona 2020
Jury Statement
"For showing the collective reality of migrant domestic workers, women who suffer serious violations of labor rights as a result of a discriminatory system that exposes them to long working hours, exploitation, and abuse in numerous countries. For doing so through a non-intrusive narrative that also conveys in a natural way the positive values between them, such as resilience and sorority."

* DOXA Feature Documentary Award
“for its cinematic accomplishment in revealing the widespread systemic exploitation of Filipina migrant workers through the voices of workers themselves.” Jurors Antoine Bourges, Shannon Walsh and Anne-Mary Mullen had this to say: “Alternating between role-play re-enactments and intimate everyday moments, Sung-A Yoon’s stunning film allows these women to tell their stories in the present tense, bringing us closer to their reality while allowing space for emotion and reflection. Through its artistry and tenderness, the film challenges our perceptions of Filipina domestic workers and shows how we as a society are complicit in their treatment. The jury was impressed by the film’s ability to bring emotional power and formal intelligence to the pressing issues faced by migrant domestic workers that have been ignored for far too long.”

* Ucca Award at Carbonia Film Festival

* Best Documentary Feature at Atlanta Film Festival!


Category |Human Rights, Politics, Women
Year | 2019
Country | Belgium/France
Running time | 90’
Format | HD
Production | IOTA Production, Films de l’Oeil Sauvage, Clin d’Oeil Film
Director | Sung-a Yoon

In The Philippines, women get deployed abroad to work as domestic workers or nannies. To do so, they frequently leave their own children behind, before embracing this big unknown. In a learning center dedicated to the domestic work, one among many others in The Philippines , several candidates prepare themselves for homesickness and for the abuses that they will possibly endure. In role playing exercises, they play the worker’s role as well as the one of the employer.

Within the threshold of fiction, Overseas bring to light the question of domestic slavery in our globalized world, while emphasizing those women’s determination, their sisterhood, and the strategies they find to face the obstacles that awaits them in the near future.