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* Best Documentary Film - Lighthouse International Film Festival

Little People Big Dreams

Category |Health, Human Interest, Human Rights, Social Issues
Year | 2014
Country | Singapore
Running time | 89’
Format | HD
Production | MCN International Pte. Ltd, Wonderland Pictures
Director | Mak CK

In the Chinese theme park 'Dwarf's Empire', the visitors can entertain themselves by watching dancing and laughing dwarves, who live in a caricatured fairytale landscape. According to the park's founder, it is a win-win situation for both society and not least the dwarves themselves. For the short people, the promise of work and dignity is enough to travel several thousand kilometres from their families to start a life in the dwarf park. But where the dreams of some live and end in the park, for others they reach beyond the park, where one is dwarf first and human being second. A place, where their only common feature is their stature - and the defeats that come from having dreams that are judged too big for the small bodies. But even if one sometimes hardly believes one's eyes, the bizarre theme park - which according to the owner has the potential to become 'China's Disneyland' - really does exist. And so do the emotions that its employees are struggling with. From acceptance to protest, and to the heartbreaking dream of being seen as a human being, and a human being first. A touching film that in virtue of its sensitivity is a rebellion against a world where such a place actually exists.

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