*IDFA (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Lone Twin

Category |Human Interest, Personal Story, Social Issues
Year |
Country | Belgium/Canada
Running time | 71' - 57'
Format | HD 16:9
Production | Wild Heart Productions
Director | Anna Van der Wee

At the age of 20, director Anna Van der Wee lost her twin brother, an event that had a great impact on her life. By investigating the bond between twins, she hopes to understand what it means to be a twin, and what one looses when one of them dies. Is she still a twin?

One of the story lines focuses on the conversations she has with important people in her life. How has the death of her twin brother influenced the relationship they have with her? "Couples often refer to their partners as their 'other half.' But you already had an 'other half,'" an old boyfriend tells her.

The bond between twins has fascinated people over the centuries. They share something that goes beyond any ordinary relationship: it has the unconditional factor you don't often find in a partner. Van der Wee traveled the world and talked to many twins and experts. The result is a very intimate pilgrimage during which she finally finds the answer to her question.

Once a twin, always a twin. Even if you've been left behind.

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