The Dickumentary

Category |History, Science, Sexuality
Year | 2014
Country | USA
Running time | 71’& 58’
Format | HD
Production | Capital K Pictures
Director | Sofian Khan

'The Dickumentary' tells the story of the penis— from its evolution as a biological structure millions of years ago in prehistoric fish, to today. Cultures have worshipped it, and circumcised it. Men have sought ways to make it larger. ‘The Dickumentary’ spans centuries and continents in its search for answers to man’s obsession with his manhood. The film features a rollicking tour through Japan’s yearly phallus festival, an inside look at the controversy over circumcision in San Francisco, and an up close exposé of penile augmentation surgery in Beverly Hills. Across 14 countries, featuring interviews with more than 40 experts, it’s an epic journey through a subject that doesn’t get talked about nearly enough in polite society.

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