* VdR Compétition Nationale

* Pour les Femmes Dans les Médias Award, Fipadoc
* Jury Award at Terraviva Film Festival, Bologna Italy.
* Young Jury Award at Terraviva Film Festival, Bologna Italy.

Hawar, Our Banished Children

Category |Children, Conflicts, Current Affairs, Human Interest, Human Rights, Motherhood, Social Issues, Women
Year | 2023
Country | Belgium, Switzerland
Running time | 73’&58’
Format |
Production | IOTA Production, Louise Productions
Director | Pascale Bourgaux

On August 3, 2014, Daech invades Iraq. On their way to Mosul, the jihadist troops cross Sinjar, which was the stronghold of the Yazidis. As soon as they arrived, they separated families, killed the men and kidnapped thousands of women and young girls.

Systematically raped, many of them will give birth to children who are now 1 to 5 years old. Despite the complete failure of Daech in 2019 and the return of peace, about 3,000 of these women hostages have still not returned.

The children born of rape remain invisible: considered "Daech's bastards", they are neither in the civil registers nor in the lists of the refugee camps. For five years, I have been looking for them in Iraq and Syria and trying to understand.

The reporter and filmmaker Pascale Bourgaux tells the story of the children born during this period of captivity, “the bastards of Daesh”, shedding light on this human tragedy.