Queercore: How To Punk A Revolution

Category |Cinema, Current Affairs, Entertainment, Human Rights, Sexuality, Youth
Year | 2017
Country | USA
Running time | 83’ & 56’
Format | HD
Production | Desire Productions GmbH, Totho Productions CpH
Director | Yony Leyser

In the mid 1980s, two 20-year-old punks, Bruce LaBruce and GB Jones created a movement known as Homocore, later known as Queercore. Unhappy with the Gay Rights Movement’s conformist thrust and the macho aggressiveness of the Punk scene, they decided to punk their own revolution from their bedrooms.

Starting with just a few photos of naked punks and make-believe bands in their self-published Zines, they spread their grandiose myth. The radical gay farce spread to film, music, zines, performance and activism and became a rebellious international underground movement leading to the careers of artists including The Gossip, Bikini Kill, Peaches, and Bruce LaBruce himself.

Queercore thrusted not only LGBT rights, but also Queer visibility into the mainstream; a do-it-yourself take on queer art and activism.

Featuring interviews with John Waters, Bruce LaBruce, Kathleen Hanna, Hole, The Gossip, Peaches, Pansy Division, Tribe 8, and others.