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Category | Arts & Culture
Year | 2018
Country | Belgium
Running time | 70' - 52'
Format | HD
Production | Las Belgas & Take Five
Director | Gerrit Messiaen

This is the story of 77 year old Magnum member Harry Gruyaert whose life is saved by color. Harry grows up in a strict and traditional Catholic Flemish family.

His father forbids him to become a photographer because he sees it as sinful. So he decides to leave his country and travel. Coming from a repressed and grey background he discovers the lights and color of Europe. Driven by hatred and love and the irresistible desire to be a photographer, he becomes a pioneer in European color photography.

The film is a story of attraction and rejection and deals with the difficult father-son relationship that plays a prominent role in the formation of the protagonist.

It is the story of a restless vagabond, a questing soul who never stops hunting for images. A man who despite all, must follow an irresistible urge to continue travelling and to discover the changes in society. A story about a timid but honest voyeur who captured the zeitgeist in an unique way.

For more info on Harry Gruyaert: Harry Gruyaert - Official Website