* Visions du Réel
*One World International Film Festival (Czech Republic)
* FOKAL - Fondation Connaissance et libertés (Haïti)
* Festival des Films du Monde (Montréal, Qc, Canada)

* Silver Medal - URTI 2010
* Special Commendation - Prix Europa

A Diary of Healing

Category |Health, Personal Story, Women
Year | 2010
Country | Belgium | France
Running time | 91'
Format | HDCAM
Production | The Factory, Fontana (Belgique)
Director | Marie Mandy

The director learns she has breast cancer. Her life is turned upside down. Her journey through the medical world, part of an artistic and personal quest, achieves unprecedented intimacy with the disease.

Seeking healing both interior and physical, her camera weaves a dialogue between conventional and alternative medicines. She explores every dimension of this disease that affects one woman in nine.

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