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* Honorable Mention for Feature-Length Documentary (Official Jury) - It's All True International Documentary Festival in Brazil
* Best Documentary - Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena de Indias- FICCI
* Best Documentary - Guadalajara Film Festival
* Knight Documentary Achivement Award - Miami International Film Festival
* The Alliance of Women Film Journalists' and EDA Award for Best Female-Directed Documentary - IDFA 2014

Tea Time

Category |Senior, Social Issues, Women
Year | 2014
Country | Chile / USA
Running time | 70’ - 52’
Format | HDV
Production | Micromundo Producciones
Director | Maite Alberdi

Five elderly women have religiously gathered for tea once a month, for the past sixty years. In these meetings, the friends argue and become friends again, they evoke a common past and try hard to show that they are still strong, forgetting for a moment the illnesses they suffer. Gathered around the table, they spend their time interpreting current affairs and fashion; despite not understanding some of the trends, they comment on them with absolute authority, trying to explain them to one another. When there are discrepancies, it is the personal stories that come out and highlight the differences of opinion. In spite of having a similar religious school education, they have had to live through a period of radical historical change that made them constantly question their beliefs and has created polarized visions within the group: some had access to higher education, others opted for being homemakers; some used contraceptives, others became widowed before these were available; some separated due to their husbands’ infidelities, others decided to keep appearances. Therefore, despite having very different life stories and personalities, which generate constant quarrels among them, in the long run they manage to understand, complement and accompany each other. They have suffered mild losses and their individual shortcomings are somehow redeemed through the relationships with these friends. They have managed to put together a lifestyle that completely ignores their ailments. Afternoons, days, months and even years pass, while they gather around the table, and it seems that nothing in their lives changes, until the death of one of them makes them go through a period of evident transformation.

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